Mezuzah Campaign

  • We hope that you and your family are healthy and well. In these precarious times, we are all searching for ways to increase the safety and security of our families, friends and loved ones. It is now, more than ever, important for us to help one another and stay connected as a community. What better way to bring G-d's protection into our lives than through the manner through which the Torah implores us - to place Mezuzahs on the doors of our homes.

    As part of our Mezuzah Campaign, we are offering a Mezuzah Welcome Gift to every new family in Ridgefield and surrounding towns and we’d like your help.

    Do you know of any new families that have recently moved to Ridgefield or surrounding towns?

    If you do know someone, please send us their contact info (simply reply to this email)  so that we can welcome them to the community and arrange for Rabbi Deitsch to bring them a complimentary Mezuzah and affix it to their door. 

    If you need Mezuza(s) for your own home, please let us know, as it is our goal through this Mezuzah Campaign to place Mezuzahs on all the doors of every Jewish home in our area. 

    By helping us, you will be taking part in the special Mitzvah of Mezuzah and bringing peace and protection to the homes of our new community members.

    Best regards to your family,

    Rabbi Sholom & Chana Deitsch

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