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  • Pop's PantryMAKING SOMEONE'S DAY -You can become a partner in this meaningful network of kindness. Whether It be through food preparation, meal delivery or monetary donation, YOU can help. Pop’s Pantry is here to make a difference in your neighbor’s life. Become a link of kindness in Pop’s legacy.

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  • Chanukah Village Walk 2022Chanukah Village Walk 2022 - A Chanukah experience for the whole family!
    Enjoy enriching holiday experience for the whole family as Main Street Ridgefield celebrates Chanukah.
    Stop by local venues for exciting Chanukah festivities and join in the kindling of a giant Menorah!
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  • HAKHEL - A YEAR OF GATHERING & COMMUNITYCelebrate the Hakhel year with 3 unique events! Monthly Shabbos Dinner! Monthly Birthday celebrations! Monthly visits to the ohel! DETAILS HERE
  • Hebrew School 2022- 23Chabad Hebrew School offers a friendly and stimulating environment, where children can embrace their Jewish roots and gain a true sense of Jewish pride. Read More
Chabad Jewish Center of Ridgefield is a Jewish educational organization serving Northern Fairfield County CT.Our goal is to ensure Jewish continuity through increasing Jewish pride, knowledge and commitment. We serve the Jewish community with unconditional love for every Jew regardless of background or affiliation.At Chabad, Jewish learning and holidays come to life with our classes, events and programs serving children, youth and adults.Whether it be our Hebrew School , Adult Education or Holiday Events, you are sure to find some way that Chabad can serve you and your family.
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  • Get this Month's Hakhel Program DownloadEverything you need to host a Chanukah party of your own! Read More
  • Mother of 13 on Life-Support After She and Her Infant Were Pulled from WaterAs tragedy unfolds, communities globally come together in unity, prayer and mitzvahs in merit of... Read More
  • A Jewish Girl Raised as an Orthodox Christian Finds JudaismWhen at the age of eight, Hanna Butcher was enrolled in a Chabad Hebrew school she began her... Read More
  • Eggplant Rice: Perfect for Shabbat Read More
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Torah tells us that Dinah, daughter of Jacob and and Leah, was the victim of rape. Oral traditions add to our understanding of this special woman.
We often say, “I don’t have enough time/money/energy” for that. Whatever that is. But that’s a misleading thought.
Jacob’s simple ladder foreshadows the trajectory of human development.
Jacob's ladder, like Sinai, characterizes that which is firmly embedded in earthliness, but can reach the heavens.
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Joseph, the kabbalists teach us, was a soul from the World of Atzilut—a divine world of pure light entirely beyond any physical or spiritual reality. A world entirely one with the Infinite Light from whom it emanated. Even as he lived within a body like everyone else, the light of his soul shone with such intensity, the entire world faded into insignificance before him. And yet, Joseph balanced his accounts and ran a business! “There came a day, and Joseph went to do his work . . .” —Genesis 39:11 Joseph went to review his accounting books. —Targum Onkelos It is one thing to be beyond the...
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